Teach Yourself to be More Understanding and Empathetic

October 27, 2020

Listen to Audio Version Everyone that hasn’t suffered a brain injury or mental illness is capable of empathy. Some of us are in touch with this ability, while others could use a little practice. What is empathy? Empathy is a concern for the welfare of others. It’s the ability to detect or predict the emotions and thoughts of others. It’s easy to see why this would be a handy skill to master. Empathy has an impact on your relationships. This is true for both your personal and professional relationships. Empathy can make your life easier and more fulfilling at home and...

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Decision Fatigue: What It Is and How to Avoid It

September 8, 2020

Listen to audio version Each decision you make reduces your ability to make good decisions. It can quickly reach the point that you’ll actually avoid making decisions once a certain threshold is reached. There are only so many good decisions you can make each day. Decision fatigue also leads to impulse spending. Self-regulation also suffers during decision fatigue. There’s a reason you’re more likely to eat unhealthy food or do something else detrimental to your well-being at night.  Have you ever noticed that many influential and successful people tend to make inadequate decisions at night? These self-destructive decisions often come after...

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Transforming Culture through a Transformed Life

May 31, 2020

My heart breaks for our nation and the great city of Atlanta. We must unite and create positive change. The time is now. It’s time to love. It’s time to lead. But how? Where do we start? I’m going to make a bold statement. Maybe even provocative. You may not want to hear it. But here it goes. Want to listen to the blog? Click here: Transforming Culture through a Transformed Life The solution doesn’t begin with what we do, it begins with who we know. The world will not change unless your heart changes first. The only person that...

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The Power of Empowerment

October 26, 2019

View Video Version: https://youtu.be/vwGnFVvK_i4 My no-nonsense manager surveyed the roomful of team leaders and commanded us, “Bring your three-year plans. Have them complete and on my desk in two weeks.” We were supposed to nod our heads in silent assent. But I had to say something. If I didn’t, I knew my team would suffer. “Catherine, we have so many priorities, and the team is under a lot of pressure to deliver on time. Can we delay the planning for a few weeks and allow them to remain focused on work that matters?” I think it was those last three...

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Developing a Significance Mindset

October 5, 2019

Recently at Colorado State University, I delivered the Sigma Chi Beta Tau Chapter 100 Year Anniversary Keynote Address to ~250 of my fraternity brothers and friends . . . I shared how to move from a success mindset to a “Significance Mindset”. I encourage you to read the message because what I share may be game-changing for you as I provide some keys to living a meaningful, purposeful, significant life. . . The message may transform the way you interact with people and how you influence your world. You’ll learn how the power of generosity, making waves, and enlarging others...

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Integrity: The Better the Person, the Better the Leader

August 24, 2019

Podcast: https://media.blubrry.com/thediscipledleader/content.blubrry.com/thediscipledleader/Integrity_1-8_24_19_10_56_AM.mp3 *** Evan, my co-worker at our multi-billion-dollar consumer products company, stopped me in the parking lot. “Have you noticed how execution’s gotten sloppy over the past year?”  I nodded.  He looked down. “Not too long ago, this was one of the best-executing markets. I’m very disappointed. What’s happened?”  I paused. I did know what had happened, but if I told Evan the truth, I knew there’d be consequences. Maybe even for Evan himself. But integrity is a word that means something to me, so I mustered up my courage and told him what I knew. “Did you know the local management...

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MOTIVE MATTERS: 4 Ways to Check Why You Do What You Do

July 14, 2019

My dad is a rocket scientist—seriously.  In 1996, he started a technology business because he and a small team of people had developed a way to track and shoot down missiles. As the company grew, my dad hired someone to handle the business side, allowing my dad to focus on the many technological aspects of what his team was accomplishing. My father empowered this new partner to build the business as he saw fit.  Their partnership flourished. Revenue skyrocketed and their number of employees boomed. My father’s expectations were exceeded. He was thrilled with his hire—until he wasn’t.  Growth tends...

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THE BLUE SHIRT – How to Instill a Sense of Belonging

May 17, 2019

Early in my career, I was honored to become part of The Hershey Company’s Sales Development team. The 12-member team was comprised of top performers from across the country; a bunch of young guns.  The purpose of the two-year assignment was to learn about all aspects of the candy business including brand management, marketing, and production. We also had a chance to engage senior leadership and participate in a mentorship program. I remember my first few weeks with the team.  It was almost like a fraternity, and I  felt like a pledge.  I was advised before I took the role to make every effort to...

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Where Are All The Christian Leaders?

April 6, 2019

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” —Leo Tolstoy  Shortly after I was promoted to a management position in 2005, I had two direct reports quit within six months of each other. I’ll never forget their similar reasons for leaving, which they made sure to tell me: “I just don’t like the way you treat me, Preston. And, well, you’re condescending.”  Me? Condescending? As if they know the pressure I have to deal with. Like they have the experience to do what I do.  Before their departures, I was on the fast-track to success. I...

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February 9, 2019

  A few weeks ago, I attended a team reunion in Sandestin, Florida. It was an excellent time to reminisce and reflect on one of my favorite periods in my career. Why? As a team, we accomplished great things. Personally, I was considered a strategic business partner and was empowered to make a difference. Before I tell you about the reunion, let me give you a little context… Back in 2001, I was my company’s representative in Montgomery, AL responsible for gaining alignment, developing relationships and delivering positive business results with the local bottler. The family-owned operation was recently acquired...

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Preston Poore

I’m a disciple of Christ and an executive at a Fortune 500 Company. In my blog, The Discipled Leader, I draw on my diverse business experience to help Christians connect their secular and spiritual lives at work.

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I draw on my diverse business experience to help Christians connect their secular and spiritual lives at work. I invite you to subscribe to my blog and learn how to develop Christlike character, influence your culture and change your world.

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