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Roars to Whispers: The Calls That Shape Us

Chick-fil-A Corporate Service Center, Monday, January 22, 2024 Did you know the Chick-fil-A Corporate Service Center gathers…

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Navigating Change: Titans as Torchbearers

Inspiration can spring from unexpected sources. Dive into the intersections of football and business, as ‘Remember the Titans’ serves as a profound backdrop for change management lessons. Explore the four pivotal steps echoing from the gridiron to the corporate realm, illuminating the pathways to effective leadership and transformation.

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What HBO’s ‘Succession’ Can Teach Us About Exceptional Leadership

Ever wondered what HBO’s Succession can teach you about leadership? This article dissects the flawed leadership styles of the Roy family to reveal vital do’s and don’ts for exceptional leadership. It’s a masterclass on what NOT to do, delivered by the dysfunctional Roys. Don’t miss it!

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Grace Under Fire: How to Respond to Criticism Without Burning Bridges

Ever received criticism when you least expected it? Dive into this personal journey where an unexpected email led to valuable life lessons. Learn practical tips on turning criticism into growth opportunities, preserving relationships, and enhancing your leadership skills.

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Unlocking the Power of Belonging: The Blueprint to Transform Your Team

Join Preston Poore in ‘Unlocking the Power of Belonging,’ as he shares his personal experience with a blue dress shirt and the profound lessons it taught him about unity, empathy, and belonging. Dive into seven actionable principles that will transform your team from ordinary to extraordinary, fueling success, satisfaction, and a sense of connection.

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9 Principles of Diplomacy: Lessons Learned from a Dinner Conversation in Moscow

We all know that being diplomatic is essential for emerging leaders, but how do you go about…

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