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    Looking to inspire your team to work harder and feel more fulfilled?

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    Concerned about bringing in another consultant for the same old team-building workshops?

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    Hoping to infuse strong values and meaningful moments into the experience?

Preston Poore isn’t just another speaker and facilitator. His approach is interactive, engaging, moving, and grounded in the principles that are important to you and your employees. 



In just 1 hour, Preston can accelerate your audience’s leadership capabilities through his engaging style, personable demeanor, and inspirational words. Learn more about Preston’s keynote speaking topics.



Participants in Preston’s 1-day workshops develop true leadership skills that they can apply to everyday life at work, home and in the community. He can lead sessions on influence, communication, faith at work, and more. Explore Preston’s leadership training modules.



Preston can help you or an emerging leader on your team reach full potential with one-on-one coaching. Based on his plethora of experience, Preston helps coach clients to overcome challenges, build leadership skills, and understand how to make sound decisions. Find out how Preston can coach you to the next level of leadership.

Why Invest in this?

We understand that there are lots of demands on your business’ budget. We also know from experience that if you do not devote resources – time, energy, money, compassion – to your employees, your results will lag behind the competition.

Your people are your competitive advantage. When your team feels engaged and empowered, you will see a boost in productivity and organizational success will follow.

Use Our Expertise to Boost Yours

We offer speaking, training, and coaching in all areas of leadership development, with a special focus on:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication
  • Personal Development
  • Persuasion/Influencing
  • Faith at Work

Featured Programs


Cultivate Meaningful Connections

Only one thing stands between you and success


Foster Endearing Leadership

Transform from manager to leader


Ignite Positive Influence

Lead others without direct authority

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