Meet Preston Poore

Published Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Executive Coach

Corporate business leader Preston Poore has more than two decades of upper-level management experience, including as director of franchise leadership at The Coca-Cola Company. He has also worked for The Hershey Company, Dale Carnegie Training, Ralston Purina, and AmSouth Bank.

In addition, Preston is a minority shareholder and small-business owner of Numerica Corporation, an air, missile, and space defense company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. He serves on the board of directors and as corporate secretary.

Preston is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Speaker, Trainer, and Executive Coach.

He served on a Young Life committee, was an elder and member of Fellowship Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, was a facilitator for Christian Leadership Concepts, and serves at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Preston holds an MBA from Samford University and a BS in management from Colorado State University.

His corporate work has been recognized through many awards such as the Dale Carnegie Sales Talk Champion award; The Hershey Company’s President’s Cup, a coveted national sales award that Preston won twice; and The Coca-Cola Company’s Woodruff Cup, a global top performance award.

Preston is a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity and the Sons of the American Revolution.

His wealth of hard-won experience and training in both personal and professional development inspired Preston to transfer his business leadership acumen to the Christian community. Through his books Discipled Leader and 21 Days to Sound Decision Making, blog, and podcast, he seeks to help people become redemptive influences in their workplaces and live more fulfilling lives.

Preston and his family live in the Atlanta Metro Area.


Books By Preston Poore


Discipled Leader

Discipled Leader provides struggling, stuck, or merely surviving Christian business leaders with a framework to grow their influence through becoming a redemptive (i.e., change for the better), Christlike presence in the workplace and living a more fulfilling life.

21 Days Book Cover - Small

21 Days To Sound Decision Making

Do you want to grow your influence? Make better decisions. It’s the quickest path to leadership. Discover how you can develop confidence, establish credibility, build trust, and experience positive results. Learn from real life experience and practical tools including the DBDAE decision making framework in this devotional, 21 Days to Sound Decision Making by Preston Poore. Order your copy now. It’ll be one of the soundest decisions you’ll ever make.

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