From Complications to God-Confidence

November 3, 2020

Listen to article When our daughter, Caroline, was born and severe health complications quickly ensued, Carla and I were driven to our knees, crying out to God for healing. Amid fear and fright, we sought his peace. When we felt less than confident that the story we’d imagined for ourselves as new parents wasn’t going to play out the way we’d thought, we sought God’s confidence. Here’s Carla’s story. For the squeamish, it does get detailed. March 1, 1994, was an incredible day. My due date had come and gone, and now Preston and I were anxiously awaiting the arrival...

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Integrity: The Better the Person, the Better the Leader

August 24, 2019

Podcast: *** Evan, my co-worker at our multi-billion-dollar consumer products company, stopped me in the parking lot. “Have you noticed how execution’s gotten sloppy over the past year?”  I nodded.  He looked down. “Not too long ago, this was one of the best-executing markets. I’m very disappointed. What’s happened?”  I paused. I did know what had happened, but if I told Evan the truth, I knew there’d be consequences. Maybe even for Evan himself. But integrity is a word that means something to me, so I mustered up my courage and told him what I knew. “Did you know the local management...

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February 9, 2019

  A few weeks ago, I attended a team reunion in Sandestin, Florida. It was an excellent time to reminisce and reflect on one of my favorite periods in my career. Why? As a team, we accomplished great things. Personally, I was considered a strategic business partner and was empowered to make a difference. Before I tell you about the reunion, let me give you a little context… Back in 2001, I was my company’s representative in Montgomery, AL responsible for gaining alignment, developing relationships and delivering positive business results with the local bottler. The family-owned operation was recently acquired...

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Becoming a God-Confident Leader

January 26, 2019

  A couple of years ago, I enrolled in a Christian Writers Conference in Estes Park, CO. Since the conference was held in May, I decided to commute back and forth to the YMCA from my parent’s home in Fort Collins. My typical route to Estes Park was closed due to flooding and road construction. The detour to Estes Park was through Hwy 36, a winding and scenic 90-minute drive.   May is a beautiful time of year in Colorado. But sometimes the weather can be very unpredictable. That’s when I met Valarie – Winter Storm Valarie that is…On May 18, 2017,...

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Leadership Has REAL Consequences – The Table Rock Lake Tragedy

December 1, 2018

On a sunny Summer day in near Branson, Arkansas, a group of folks embarked on a duck boat tour; 31 people in all. Little did they know the tragedy facing them as the amphibious vehicle entered Table Rock Lake. Before the tour, Captain Scott looked at the weather forecast and noticed a severe thunderstorm warning. The warning didn’t deter him. He was an experienced captain and was confident that the tour could proceed as usual. After the passengers embarked on Stretch Duck 7, Captain Scott shared brief safety instructions. He mentioned there were life jackets on board but the passengers...

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August 2, 2018

Trust is the bedrock of every strong relationship. Let that sink in. . . . It is at the core of all personal and professional relationships. With it, you can achieve great things with others. Without it, you’ll go nowhere. Do you remember a time when trust was absent or broken? I do. I once worked with a group of people. Notice that I wrote group of people– we weren’t a team. Our manager was a self-serving individual more worried about making a great impression with upper management. Again, notice that I wrote manager– the individual didn’t have a lick...

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Mentors Make a Positive Difference – A Tribute to My Mentor and Friend, Rick

June 23, 2018

“Dammit! I don’t get this guy”, I said as I slammed the door. I wondered out loud to my wife if I’d made a bad career decision. I’d changed companies and took a new opportunity to get us closer to home; relocating from Hershey, PA to Montgomery, Alabama. It was a homecoming of sorts. Carla and I met and married in Birmingham; our kids were born at St. Vincent’s Hospital and much of our family lived in the area. We were happy to be back. I moved out of a successful sales and marketing role with Hershey, into a new...

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Influence – How to Gain a Seat at the Table

April 14, 2018

“Hi, Preston. Guess what? I got the job”, said Linda with a glow in her voice. “That’s awesome and congratulations. What was the deciding factor?” I asked. “Influence. It was my demonstrated ability to influence and drive results,” Linda replied. She continued, “I told them about the blueprint you taught me: 1) Know your business, 2) Know your partner’s business and 3) Have an assertive agenda. I walked them through specific examples of how I applied the blueprint and the positive results the team achieved.” I was thrilled. “Fantastic Linda. I knew you’d begin to realize your potential if you...

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Preston Poore

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