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The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. (Proverbs 16:9 ESV)

I’ve struggled with the paradox of my life’s role and God’s providence, the understanding that he wisely and purposefully governs our world and engineers all circumstances. With a fatherly hand, he sees to it that his will is done. I also struggle with the tension between my planning, making decisions, acting, and knowing that God controls everything. Does my work really matter? Can I be a positive influence on my business, community, and church?

I’ve always been wary of these phrases:

  • “If you don’t like the circumstances you’re in, go make new ones.”
  • “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”

Many leadership experts espouse the belief that we can take control, make changes, and grow, and that the results are up to us. That’s the tension within me. Maybe it’s within you as well. I believe people can do all these things, but the Bible teaches that God is responsible for the outcomes.

So, what are the alternatives?

I may think that, if God controls everything, one option is to sit back and passively observe. Let things play out on their own. Stick my head in the sand and not get involved. What happens then?

Entropy sets in—the natural tendency toward chaos, disorganization, randomness, degradation, deterioration, disorder, and erosion. Things move toward disorder without our involvement. It’s like watching someone drown although you have the means to save them yet choosing to look away and leaving the rescue up to God.

Another option is to take matters into your own hands and make things happen. Just do it. But when you race ahead of God, you’ll find that your choices, actions, and results end up being suboptimal. Often, you’ll crash and burn.

The best option is to actively participate in God’s purposes. Collaborate with him. Wait on him, gain his insight, understand what he wants to accomplish, seek his direction, and then move when prompted.

As you surrender your heart to God and seek his guidance, you will begin to act as a catalyst to transform, innovate, and positively influence the world around you. God will work in you and through you to:

  • bring chaos into order
  • empower you to lead in times of crisis
  • solve impossible problems
  • make wise decisions
  • move people and resources toward reaching their potential.

If you seek God and place him at the center of your decisions and plans, he will guide you and establish the work of your hands.

Consider: Are you actively participating in God’s purposes? If not, why not?


Do you feel like one person in your personal life and another in your professional life? 

Are you driven by your faith and yet feel like you can’t bring it to the workplace? 

Does this disconnect make you feel like you are not honoring what God has called you to do?

Do you feel like you are merely surviving day-to-day at work without purpose or meaning?

Do you want to grow your influence and positively shape your work environment, but you’re not sure how?

If so, my new book Discipled Leader: Inspiration from a Fortune 500 Executive for Transforming Your Workplace by Pursuing Christ, will be of great interest to you.

Honestly, it took me a long time to figure out that it’s not about changing your leadership style. While learning how to be a better leader is necessary, and many excellent books have been written to that end, changing your style will not change who you are. 

But who you ARE needs to change before what you DO changes. 

Becoming who you are meant to be as a Christian leader does not begin with focusing on leadership. 

Your calling toward better leadership is a calling toward deeper discipleship.

My new book, Discipled Leader, provides struggling, stagnant, or merely surviving Christian Business leaders with a framework to grow their influence through becoming a redemptive, Christlike presence in the workplace, and living a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

Through the book’s 10 DUAL discipleship and leadership principles, stories, and application, you’ll experience personal and professional transformation:

  • You’ll change from struggling to live out your faith in the workplace TO being empowered to positively shape your environment.
  • You’ll move from a stagnant, stale, dormant faith TO one that is growing, active and fulfilling.
  • You’ll shift from merely surviving day-to-day TO thriving and living a life of purpose and meaning.

If you’re struggling to live out your faith in the workplace, worry that you’re missing the opportunity to make a positive difference, or fear you’re living an unfulfilled life—it all stops here. Order your copy of Discipled Leader today and begin to experience personal and professional transformation.

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Preston Poore

I’m a disciple of Christ and an executive at a Fortune 500 Company. In my blog, The Discipled Leader, I draw on my diverse business experience to help Christians connect their secular and spiritual lives at work.

As a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, I help others grow their relationship with Christ, develop their leadership skills, and understand how they can make a positive difference in today’s chaotic world.

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