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Opportunity Knocks

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, including significant life events (e.g., education, career, romance, parenting, residence, etc.). When opportunities appear, we often miss them because of negative internal influences like…

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Easy Ways to Have More Meaningful Conversations

Being an excellent conversationalist is part science and part art. For most of us, it takes practice to be successful at communicating.

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Many Eyes See More Than One: Seven Steps to Create a Personal Advisory Board

Poet John Donne wrote that “no man is an island.” Meaning I couldn’t accomplish something extraordinary on my own. Success would require the help of others. I knew that I’d only reach my potential with wise counsel and support. And if I reached my potential, others could reach theirs as well. That’s when I got the idea to develop a Personal Advisory Board.

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Snowpocalypse: What I Learned through Making a Series of Bad Decisions

Have you ever experienced a set of circumstances like I did? Have you made one wrong decision that led to another, and the outcome wasn’t what you planned? If so, know that you can weather the challenges you face, learn to make better decisions, and experience positive results by applying the below principles…

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Why You Need a Mentor

Leaders – do you have a mentor in your life? Someone that will invest in you and you can trust. Someone who wants you to win and challenge you to reach your potential? If not, I recommend you find one. On the other side of the coin, are you mentoring someone? Are you investing in someone to help them grow? If not, consider mentoring someone. You’ll make a positive difference as Rick did with me if you do.

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Reflection: How to Make Life Worth Living

Here’s a method that’s helping budding leaders discover their purpose and meaning.

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