In this blog, I draw on my diverse business experience to help Christians connect their secular and spiritual lives at work. I invite you to subscribe and learn how to develop Christlike character, influence your culture and change your world.


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Never Miss an Opportunity to Connect

“Rob is one of the most difficult people to get to know and very hard to work…

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How To Inspire Others To Reach Their Potential And Do Great Things

Inspirational leaders possess the ability to stir a team’s or individual’s desire to change or act.  To…

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Develop a Growth Mindset

Personal and professional growth occurs when you are placed in harsh, uncomfortable and challenging circumstances.  You may…

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Engage the Heart

Principle:  Engage the Heart – Connect with others through showing how much you care not how much…

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How to Renew Your Strength

Leadership requires a tremendous amount of energy and can be exhausting, mentally and physically.  Why? The constant…

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Why “The Discipled Leader”?

Do you want to grow closer to Jesus, become an extraordinary Christian and make a positive difference…

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