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The Email: 3 Ways to Handle Rejection and Overcome Setbacks

Ever had one of those days when you’ve labored for hours with sweat and tears on a project but encountered a significant setback? I did this week. Here’s my story. . .

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CLOSING DAY – 3 Ways to Live Out Your Faith in the Real World

If you walk the talk, defuse contentious situations, and know that the “how” matters more than the “what,” you will become a leader others will want to follow.

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THE WIRE – How to Handle Life’s Trials

Through this adversity and many other challenging circumstances, I’ve learned three principles about handling life’s problems.

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THE CHOICE – What I Learned by Making a Foolish Hiring Decision

If you listen unselectively, show dignity and respect for others, and pray always, you’ll become a savvy decision-maker and leader.

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How to Move from a Business Relationship to a Strategic Partnership

If you become trustworthy, unify through a common purpose, promote transparency, be humble and keep a sense of humor, you’ll develop strategic partnerships and become a successful leader. 

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Problem Solving: The Surest Way to Establish Credibility & Gain Influence

The surest way to gain credibility and increase your influence is to solve problems. If you define the problem, provide context, believe there is a solution, identify alternatives, develop a recommendation, plan and act, and pray, you will become a leader who makes a positive difference.

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