In this blog, I draw on my diverse business experience to help Christians connect their secular and spiritual lives at work. I invite you to subscribe and learn how to develop Christlike character, influence your culture and change your world.


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The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. (Proverbs 16:9 ESV) I’ve…

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10 Big Career Mistakes

Before you try to reinvent the wheel at work, focus on being the employee that makes the fewest career mistakes. Avoiding these 10 errors will greatly aid your career and your earning power over the years.

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Wisdom Is Priceless. How to Get It: The Choice

Wisdom is the combination of experience, knowledge, and careful judgment. Wisdom goes beyond knowledge; it’s the knack of knowing what to do. It’s the art of being successful: developing the correct plan to achieve desired results. It’s about making decisions that lead to optimal outcomes. It’s learning the practical skills required to live and lead well.

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Advice: Why Many Eyes See More Than One

This Latin phrase is right: vident oculi quam oculus—many eyes see more than one. When you face a difficult decision, consult multiple advisors. Seek the opinions of those with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and thinking styles.

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8 Simple Steps to Defining Your Values and Guiding Principles

Sound decisions are anchored in core values, the deeply held beliefs or ideals that guide your thoughts and actions. When you make decisions congruent with your values, you feel satisfied; if incongruent with your values, you experience inner stress and conflict. If you know your values, you can make decisions on many fronts like how to live your life, where to work, whom to marry, and whether or not to compromise on an issue or make a change.

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How to Cope with Loneliness and Social Isolation in Today’s World

Loneliness and social isolation are becoming a behavioral epidemic, resulting in increased depression, anxiety, and suicide rates. I’ve experienced loneliness at times and know how brutal it can be. I’ve also witnessed first-hand how emotionally and mentally destructive it can be to my family, friends, and peers. We need connection, we need community, we need each other.

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