In this blog, I draw on my diverse business experience to help Christians connect their secular and spiritual lives at work. I invite you to subscribe and learn how to develop Christlike character, influence your culture and change your world.


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I Was Bullied – My Story and Seven Ways to Prevent It

Admittedly, I’ve struggled with resentment toward those bullies over the years and wanted to get revenge. It took a long time for me to forgive them and overcome my fear and anger. Being bullied was humiliating and embarrassing. These traumatic episodes molded me at a very early age that had a lasting impact.

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6 Mental Errors That Lead to Wrong Decisions

We can often trace the most significant challenges in our life to just a couple of wrong decisions. Effective decisions require clear thinking and accurate perceptions of the situation and how the world works. It’s easy to allow mental errors to lead to making the wrong choice.

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Decision Fatigue: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Each decision you make reduces your ability to make good decisions. It can quickly reach the point that you’ll actually avoid making decisions once a certain threshold is reached. There are only so many good decisions you can make each day. . . Use these strategies to avoid decision fatigue and make wise decisions:

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Ignite Your Potential in Two Easy Steps

I was the worst salesperson in the company. Here’s what happened.

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Promote 8 Ways to Unlock Your Potential

8 Ways to Unlock Your Potential

Do you wonder why you haven’t accomplished more with your life? Do you feel that you have great potential locked up inside of you? Most adults feel this way. No one ever truly reaches their potential, but it’s discouraging that so many of us never even scratch the surface of our potential. Are you ready to find out what you can do?

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Transforming Culture through a Transformed Life

My heart breaks for our nation and the great city of Atlanta. We must unite and create…

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